Soul Music

according to Random House Dictionary (©2011) - noun

a fervent type of popular music developed in the late 1950's by black Americans as a secularized form of gospel music, with rhythm-and-blues influences, and distinctive for its earthy expressiveness, variously plaintive or raucous vocals, and often passionate romanticism or sensuality. Also called soul.

Soul Music

according to Dutch Soul Band MotownHead (since 1982) - not just music

In the European scene for soul and rhythm & blues MotownHead can undoubtedly be labeled as the unchallenged authority in performing this American music live on stage. Its interpretation of the repertoire of America's musical legends is both genuine and authentic. This tribute to the indestructible hits from the sixties and seventies therefore exceeds the mere 'covering' of classical songs. MotownHead gives these timeless songs the treatment they deserve. With their contemporary and funky approach, MotownHead succeeds in delivering well known hits from the past to the present tense; today's soul with the feel of the past. A more honoring musical service can hardly be presented to the founding fathers of soul.

MotownHeads interpretation and presentation of soul hits appeals to a steady growing and also young audience, as sold out shows and enthusiastic crowds demonstrate. With a solid five piece horn section, a compelling funky groove and three lead singers - Brandon Delagraentiss, Eddie Taylor and Cosmea Panka - who where all born and raised with soul music.

MotownHead offers a musical journey through the richness of soul music; from New York, with its Atlantic imprint, to Motowns Detroit, going down South to Stax at Memphis Tennessee. Along the way, the 12-piece band presents the best ever written songs, performed by the pioneers in the history of America's soul and rhythm & blues, such as Ray Charles, Wilson Pickett, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, James Brown, Otis Redding, Sam & Dave, Eddie Floyd, The Staple Singers and many, many others...

Choose the Real Deal, Join Us and Burn!

MotownHead shared the stage with The Funk Brothers | the original Motown studio band, Bishop Joe Simon, Sugar Pie Desanto, Otis Redding III, George McCrae and many other soul brothers and sisters.