MotownHead consists of:

3 singers, a funky 4-piece rhythm section and a 3ips-piece brass section.

Lead Vocals: Eddie Taylor

Eddie Taylor, born and raised in Guyana, has gone professional since he was 16 years old. Supporting acts for The Mighty Sparrow, Sam & Dave, Ben E. King, King Floyd and then off to Europe, where he performed with formations like: The Swinging Soul Machine, supporting acts for James Brown, The Tramps, The Three Degrees, and Tavares. Also doing background-vocals for Anita Meijer, Willeke Alberti, Lee Towers, BZN, i.e.. as well advertisements for Bacardi, Killean Bier (Heineken), FBTO, NS. With Fantasyx on the National Song festival in 1992 and background-vocals in animation films like: The Lion King I and II, Ferngully. Eddie was a contestant of "The Voice Senior Holland 2019" and made it all the way to the finals. Since 2007 Eddie is The Rock and main lead singer of MotownHead!

Lead Vocals: Brandon Delagraentiss

Brandon Delagraentiss is an American born artist raised in Houston, Texas, is said to have come out of the womb singing rather than crying, and he has been singing, as well as acting and directing, ever since.  He has performed all across the United States and came to Europe in 2005 by invitation of music producer David A. Tobin, located in Hannover, Germany.  After touring Germany, he has branched out and is happy to call the Netherlands his home away from home and is very excited to be a lead singer of Soul of Motown II & III and of course of MotownHead.

Lead Vocals: Angie Denver

Angie Denver is an all-round singer, who sings genres like R&B, soul, gospel, funk and jazz. Angie has performed in many known bands such as ‘Revelation Time’, ‘La Bouche’, ‘Massada’ as well performed with international renowned artists such as John Ellison (Some Kind of Wonderful) and George McCrae (Rock Your Baby). With ‘Wear a Tie’ (NL), ‘Maximum’ (B) and ‘Groovin’ Affairs’ (D) Angie released several singles and had the honor to sing with Chaka Khan in Germany. Angie just loves cooking and now she's delivering her tasty soul food to MotownHead!

Drums: Wim de Vries

Wim studied drums at the conservatory of Arnhem as well at the BERKLEE College of Music in Boston USA, playing regularly in Boston and New York. Together with René Creemers he forms the duo “The Drumbassadors” performing and giving drum clinics all over the world. In addition, Wim is active as a drummer in major musical / theater and TV productions. As a jazz drummer he can be heard in the jazz formations Kwakkernaat Zoeteman, Dual city big band, Marcus Schinkel band and others. As a drum teacher / workshop leader, Wim is regularly invited by various music schools and conservatories at home and abroad. Wim is endorser e.g. for Sonor drums and was interviewed in international magazines e.g. Modern Drummer, Slagwerkkrant. In MotownHead Wim stands for solid tight grooves with lots of horsepower!

Bass: Lucien Matheeuwsen

Lucien studied classical guitar from the age of 15, but switched to electric bass after hearing Jaco Pastorius at a concert by Weather Report in Amsterdam. In 1995 he graduated from the Arnhem conservatory. He attended classes and masterclasses with, among others; Marc Johnson, John Clayton, Hein van de Geyn, Renaud Garcia-Fons, David Friesen and Jesper Lundgard. Since 1991 he has had a regular Trio with Henning Wolter (piano) and Marcel van Cleef (percussion) with whom he has already recorded 6 CDs. He also remains active on bass guitar. In the late 90’s he had several hits in Japan with the rock band "Terra Nova". He also plays in Pierre Courbois’ Waterland Sextet and Quatro Ventos. In MotownHead Lucien delivers his heavy soul bottom!

Guitar & MD: Roger Heijster

Roger, partly autodidact, started playing drums on washing powder boxes at the age of 7, much later he studied guitar with Quito Monti in Buenos Aires and finally as well some piano. In the 80’s he played drums in several local funk bands among his own bands "Funky Spoon Eleven" and "Fort Knox". Since 1992 he is part of MotownHead. During the 90's he developed his songwriting skills and played soul, funk, rock ‘n’ roll, reggae, and Brazilian music in several bands among "Bora Bora", with which he toured on world and jazz festivals including Jools Holland's BBC's Hootenanny show. Roger's got a head full of soul resulting in producing & composing the albums LOVE for George McCrae (Rock Your Baby) and the Some Kind of Wonderful for John Ellison (Soul Brother Six). He digs James Brown, Sly Stone, KC, Al Green, Fela Kuti, Hendrix, Stax & Atlantic, Marley and Miles.

Keyboards: Max Malena

Max studied classical piano at the conservatory of Pescara L. D’Annunzio, jazz piano at the S. Louis Jazz School of Roma in Italy and keyboards at the Musician Institute in Los Angeles in the USA. He studied privately with Jack Eskew (EMI Award, Walt Disney) on orchestration and composition. Max performed as a keyboard player in several bands in several countries like Italy, France, Spain, Greece, USA and the Netherlands and performed with artists such as Lena Biolcati, Gregory Band, George McCrae and John Ellison. He’s also a teacher and composer e.g. for DMI (Walden Music International), assistant orchestrator for Walt Disney on movies such as The Thomas Crown Affair, Wrongfully Accused, Spy Hard, 8 Seconds and the Next Karate Kid. In MotownHead Max delivers his Hammonds, Rhodes, Clavinets and piano’s!".

Trumpet: Diederik Ruisch

Trumpet player Diederik Ruisch is at home in many musical markets. Classical, jazz, Latin, pop, soul and funk belong to the broad style spectrum that he masters. On trumpet or bugle, he walks from high to low and knows how to hit the right tone as an accompanist or soloist. With its expressive play and high energy level, Diederik makes a musical party of every performance. And not only as a trumpet player, but also as a leader of his own ensembles. In MotownHead Diederik is part of the Mo Soul Horns delivering that extra shine & soul brass fun! .

Tenor Saxophone: Ewout Dercksen

Ewout studied saxophone at the conservatory of Arnhem. Ewout has been the driving force of the weekly jazz jam in Cafe de Kroeg Arnhem for 13 years. He is very active as a musician in the Dutch jazz scene. Ewout is leader of the band Bigfish with which he released the CD Bigger Fish to Fry in 2013 and (co) leader of a jazz trio the Bobs. He writes / wrote a lot of repertoire for both groups. As a saxophonist he plays alongside these bands in the Guus Tangelder Bigband, the Dual City Concertband and he is a regular guest with a large number of Pop / Funk bands and now also in the EJ Experience. In addition to his work as a saxophonist / composer, he works as a teacher at the brookdallyceum and Artez. In MotownHead Ewout is part of the Mo Soul Horns section delivering great punches, solo’s and lots of sax!.

Trombone: Arjen Reeser

Arjen studied trombone at the conservatory of Arnhem. He also studied piano tuning and repair at the Pianovakschool Emmen. Along his trombone performing Arjen has been working as a piano tuner / technician since 1988. Over the years he has worked for various companies at home and abroad, and since a few years he has been active as an independent piano tuner / restorer being also invited to speak on renowned international piano events. As a trombone player Arjen has been performing in many bands among Stolen Dan and The Guus Tangelder Big Band. In MotownHead he’s part of the Mo Soul Horns section delivering cool soulful arrangements and the sound of the copper emperor! .